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Fifth Biennial Conference

The Impact of Culture on Parliamentary Libraries of Asia and the Pacific
Manila, Philippines
19-23 October 1998

Conference handbook [1.3 MB PDF]


Opening Remarks [97 KB PDF] by Mr Karl Min Ku

Country Papers:

Australia [739 KB PDF] by Ms Roslynn Membrey

India [1.1 MB PDF] by R.C. Ahuja

Indonesia [1.9 MB PDF] by Aminudin

Japan [677 KB PDF] by Hideya Nakagawa

Niue [213 KB PDF] by M. Tina Tavita

Philippines [1.4 MB PDF] by Maria Fe S. Abeleda-Robles

Republic of China (Taiwan) [691 KB PDF]

Republic of Korea [554 KB PDF] by Jin-Sang Lee

Sri Lanka [713 KB PDF] by N.M.C. Thilakarathne