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2017 APLAP Conference – Korea

Moving towards a big data era: The roles of parliamentary libraries and research services

The 11th Conference of the Association of Parliamentary Librarians of Asia and the Pacific was held at the National Assembly Library in Seoul, South Korea, from 26-28 April 2017.

Information book and conference program

Download the 2017 APLAP Conference – Infomation Book.

Download the 2017 APLAP Conference Program.


Opening ceremony

Opening address: Eun Chul Lee—Chief Librarian of the National Assembly Library

Welcoming address: Dianne Heriot—APLAP President

Congratulatory address: Jaecheol Shim—Deputy Speaker of the National Assembly


Keynote speech

Donna Scheeder—President of the International Federation of Library Associations and Institutions


Session 1 (part 1): Environmental scanning—information technologies, trends, and impacts

DaaS (Data as a Service) for National Assembly Libraries (3.7mb)

Sam Oh—Sungkyunkwan University, Korea

Technology trends with digital transformation (7.33mb)

Seungyun Lee—Electronics and Telecommunications Research Institute, Korea


Focus 39

The most precious data of Thailand – paper (256kb)

Jintana Iamkong & Preyanuch Klovutiwat—The National Assembly Library of Thailand

Brains of the Legislature  (858kb)

Toshiyuki Yamada– Legislative Research Service of the National Diet Library, Japan


Session 1 (part 2)

The promises and pitfalls of big data: parliamentary perspectives (225kb)

Paper (186kb)

Dianne Heriot—Australian Parliamentary Library

Founding and development of library and research services of the Parliament of India in the latest technologies

Sunil Kesari & Urmila Sharma—Lok Sabha Secretariat, India

Recent developments at the Parliamentary Library of Fiji (591kb)

Asha Kumar—Parliamentary Library of Fiji


Focus 39

About a report entitled “Comparative research report related to a Bill” (611kb)

Dongmi Seo—National Assembly Research Service, Korea

The New Zealand Parliament’s Library and Research Service (2mb)

Chris Cliff—New Zealand Parliament Library and Research Service

Why General Research Department and how GRD and the whole research unit work to produce the legislative note (226kb)

Paper (41kb)

Sochetra Kim—General Research Department, Cambodia

Strengthening parliamentary capacity (358kb)

Pisey Sorn—Parliamentary Institute of Cambodia


Session 2: Targeting customers for better services

Strategic utilization of big data for parliamentary libraries and research services (352kb)

Joonhwa Jung—National Assembly Research Service, Korea

A sea of ‘parliamentary big data’: collaborative approaches to its navigation by the Australian Parliamentary Library Research Service (674kb)

Paper (164kb)

Catherine Lorimer—Australian Parliamentary Library

Comparative legal information services targeting the members: The experience of the National Assembly Library of Korea (1.3mb)

Jiwon Park—National Assembly Library, Korea


Focus 39

The Congress and the Congressional Library of Micronesia (1.13mb)

Nercy Syne-Simina—Congressional Library of Micronesia

Parliamentary Library of Tonga (1.1mb)

Fataimoemanu Leki—Tonga

Human Network Service (2.6mb)

Jeonga Park & Eunsol Shim—National Assembly Library, Korea

All in One House: Library, Archives and Museum of the House of Representatives (8mb)

Emma Rey, Divina Medina, Rosemarie Balidoy—Philippines


Session 3 (part 1): Promoting services – big data applications and practical issues

Big Data and Knowledge (185kb)

Paper (242kb)

Fiona Allen—Australian Parliamentary Library

The Big Data Era: The Role of Sri Lankan Parliamentary Library and Research Services (648kb)

Paper (68kb)

P.H.N. Premasiri & S.L.Siyath Ahemed—Sri Lanka

Towards a Big Data-as-a-service for Legislative Research in the National Assembly Library of Korea (2.1mb)

Mikyung Song & Jieun Lim—Korea


Session 3 (part 2)

Outside the Box: A Non-Library Technological Solution for Research Service Management (1.9mb)

Paper (62kb)

Chris Cliff—New Zealand Parliament Library and Research Service

Snapshot of the Legislative Council Library (249kb)

Wai-Fung Cheung—Legislative Council Library, Hong Kong


Additional paper

Information Technology and Environmental Changes in the Parliamentary Library and within the Parliament of Vanuatu with Challenges Encountered (117kb)

Leiwia Gwendoline Moli—Vanuatu



Photos: Mr Seongil Hong and Ms Hyomi Kim. See also the photos from the first APLAP conference in Korea in 1990 below.


First APLAP Conference – Korea – 1990