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Association of Parliamentary Librarians of Asia and the Pacific logo

The APLAP Logo is symbolized by elements that approximate the purpose and objectives of the organisation. It is illustrated in two colours to represent the two groups of countries that constitute the organization.

The Double Ring that encircles the elements within the Logo symbolizes the wholeness in purpose of member countries.

In the middle of the double ring is the name of the organization "Association of Parliamentary Librarians of Asia and the Pacific" bearing also the year the organization was founded, i.e., "1990".

The books and documents represents the information that can be obtained from libraries of member countries. This information can be made available as a symbol of mutual cooperation between institutional members of the organization.

The computer represents the medium to facilitate the exchange of information between countries.

The raised hands supporting the acronym of the organization (APLAP) represent the united force of support of members of the organization.

The colour green represents the member countries located in Asia, which are primarily known for its lush forests and vegetation.

The colour blue represents the member island countries surrounded by the blue waters of the Pacific.